A listening list of electronic music

Process of compiling introductory / representative playlist for electronic music connecting to instrumental aesthetics. A perma-WIP playlist intended as a guide to electronic music providing a bridge between pure and physically hybrid breeds.

The list

    Tracks / Albums   Artist   Album   Year   Audio
    ATAXIA_C1,D1,D3,any   Rian Treanor   Ataxia   2019   https://riantreanor.bandcamp.com/album/ataxia
    Any   Jlin   Autobiography   2018   https://jlin.bandcamp.com/album/autobiography-music-from-wayne-mcgregors-autobiography
    Any   Category   Arrays   2019   https://category.bandcamp.com/album/arrays
    O superman   Laurie Anderson   Big science       https://youtu.be/Vkfpi2H8tOE
    From the air   Laurie Anderson   Big science       https://youtu.be/k1fhRtrC2Cw
    Walk the dog   Laurie Anderson   Big science       https://youtu.be/uIqErvv5lG4
        Miles Davis            
        Mulatu Astatke            
    Crooked axis for string quartet   Earth   Pentastar: In the style of daemons        
    Pinch   Can   Ege Bamyasi   1972   https://youtu.be/Hls8WnUfHbY
    Spray   Can   Future Days   1973   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7za3-tbYtPU
    Hallogallo   Neu!   Neu!   1972   https://youtu.be/zndpi8tNZyQ
    Crooked Axis For String Quartet   Earth   Pentastar   1996   https://youtu.be/apmIX4piRsQ
    Smile Backing Vocals Montage   Beach Boys   Smile sessions   1967   https://youtu.be/0DIzxxAiyQI
    full album   Bernard Parmegiani   De Natura Sonorum   1975   https://youtu.be/c_JHjUFfOs8
    Breeze Blow   Mikey Murka   Downpressor Man   2008   https://youtu.be/5lJ4fpo0JaA
    Kill Killers   Like a Tim   Boogie   1995   https://youtu.be/Rkl_DGNSgNw
    Selective Listening w/ Russell Haswell 29.03.2019   Russell Haswell   Selective Listening w/ Russell Haswell       https://www.nts.live/shows/selective-listening-w-russell-haswell/episodes/selective-listening-w-russell-haswell-29th-march-2019
    Sendspaace guest mix   jhud, farmersmanual   NTS Radio, London   2019   https://www.mixcloud.com/NTSRadio/sendspaace-9th-february-2019/
    FACT mix 672 - Rian Treanor (Sept ‘18)   Rian Treanor   FACT mixes   2018   https://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix-672-rian-treanor-sept-18?in=factmag/sets/fact-mixes
    Sorbie Rd. guest mix   farmersmanual   Subcity Radio, Glasgow   2018   https://www.mixcloud.com/sorbierd/guest-mix-farmers-manual/
    TouchRadio 127   farmersmanual   TouchRadio   2017   https://soundcloud.com/heyitsjessbro/touchradio-127-farmers-manual


In the context of generate and test activity, some additional genres are needed. There’s maybe three axes

Axis   Description   Value spectrum
source   cymatics, vibration domain   mechanic, electronic, electro-mechanic
process   determinism, predictability, autonomy, closed-loop   deterministic sequence, probabilistic sequence, generative, cybernetic
complexity   process output, process residual, aesthetics, perceptual quality   constant, complex, random

Another version of that

GT genres




tag cloud

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