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This is the dynatropes blog run by Oswald Berthold (he/him), an Austrian artist, computer scientist, and entrepreneur. He has also been called a Digital musician, an Artist-technologist, and other terms associated with highly innovative stances, like digitalia. Most prominently, he is a founding member of farmersmanual, and one of the founders of jetpack cognition lab. Head shot
The purpose of the blog is to document Oswald’s work, including ongoing and historical research activity and projects. Everything is work-in-progress, as of last update 2022-04-02.  

Another quote via @tegimentum on Twitter describing the situation very well

Farmers Manualのメンバーであり、起業家の顔も持つOswald Berthold。ベルリンのベンチャー・ロボティクス企業Jetpack Cognition Labの創設者であり、CEOを務めています。Jetpack CLが開発・販売するセンサーを備えたユニークな小型ロボットがこちら。Oswaldは多彩な人ですね 😮

Oswald Berthold, a member of the Farmers Manual and also an entrepreneurial face. He is the founder and CEO of Jetpack Cognition Lab, a venture robotics company in Berlin. Here is a unique small robot equipped with a sensor developed and sold by Jetpack CL. Oswald is a versatile person 😮

The main current projects are the AI & Robotics startup jetpack cognition lab that he cofounded in 2019 with Matthias Kubisch, then his research and writing aka PhD thesis on Robot self-exploration and skill acquisition, the psycho-social fallout of behavioral science, and then his music and audio work with farmersmanual, friends, plus random bits and pieces as is the good style to effectively create the unexpected.

Topics you will find bubbling up range across AI, robots, music, art, psychology, business philosophy, complexity, simplicity, biology, machine learning, see also the hyper-associative tag-cloud.

Check up on any of these profiles as they contain a lot of non-redundant information with respect to what is presented here. You are invited to leave a like or post a comment if anything is unclear.

tag cloud

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