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Chatting with @imf over at the pulsar.scramble group, taking the opportunity to collect a few bits and pieces in one place, clean out the duplicates and post a draft of a computer music bibliography.

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music: math:

music: technique: analysis: synthesis: generative:

music: signal processing:

  • Digital filters, Richard W. Hamming
  • The scientist and engineer’s guide to digital signal processing, Steven W. Smith,
  • Musical Signal Processing, Curtis Roads
  • Digital Audio Signal Processing, John Strawn (Editor), 1993
  • Cellular neural networks and visual computing, Leon Chua

music: neuro: psycho-acoustics:

generative: data-driven:

  • Auditory Display - Sonification, Audification, and Auditory Interfaces. Gregory Kramer (Editor). Addison-Wesley, 1994.
  • Sonification for exploratory data analysis, Thomas Herrmann, Thesis

music: articles: papers:

music: unsorted:

music: SuperCollider

music: python: MIR:

  • George Tzanetakis and Perry Cook, “Musical genre classification of audio signals”, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, vol. 10, No. 5, July 2002. tsap02gtzan.pdf
  • Juan José Burred and Alexander Lerch, “Hierarchical Automatic Audio Signal Classification”, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES), Vol. 52 No.7/8, July/August 2004, pp. 724-739, dafx06.pdf

music: examples: example works:

  • Cornelius Cardew: Treatise, graphical score


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